Pass The Parcel - Tea Party Game

Pass the Parcel is a traditional children’s party game. This is a great game for a children’s tea party.

Preparation for Pass the Parcel

Wrap a small gift in one layer of paper and close with a piece of tape. Wrap another layer of paper over the first one and close with a piece of tape. Continue until there are at least twice the number of layers as children attending. Then add a few more layers, so that the game’s outcome is not predictable.

Preparation - Variations & Tips

  • Use newspaper or brown paper to save costs with wrapping paper.
  • pass-the-parcel.jpg

  • Use alternate layers of coloured paper and the cheaper paper if you prefer.
  • Add in some surprises between layers e.g. candy snakes or stickers relating to the theme of the party. The child who unwraps this layer and finds a special surprise can keep it.
  • Add instructions for a forfeit (activity to be done) between all or some layers e.g. “Say a nursery rhyme”. The forfeit could relate to the tea party theme e.g. “Make a secret wish” for a fairy tea party.
  • Instead of a gift, have a surprise message as the last thing in the parcel e.g. “Go outside to the garden to meet someone special” e.g. at a Princess Theme Tea Party. Let children know it will be a special message beforehand, so those who’ve played before won’t expect it to be a gift.

Playing The Pass the Parcel Game

  • Let the children know how the game is played and the rules.
  • Tell them which direction to pass the parcel.
  • Start with short snatches of music at the beginning to build some momentum. As the game progresses, leave the music on for longer.
  • Children sit in a circle. Give one child the parcel - the guest of honour or birthday person, if applicable. While the music plays, the parcel is passed around the circle. The child who has the parcel when the music stops, unwraps one layer. When the music starts again, the parcel is passed on to the next person.
  • The child who unwraps the gift keeps it. Be sure to give the other children a small gift or party favour too.

Pass the Parcel Double Trouble Variation
This version uses two parcels, and has slightly more action than the original version. There are some other differences too.

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