Pass The Parcel - Double Trouble Variation

gifts-two.gifThis is a variation of the traditional Pass the Parcel game. This one is played with two parcels at the same time. With two parcels, there is slightly more action than the original. There are also some other changes from the original game. Try it at your next children’s tea party.

Preparation & Prizes

Wrap two parcels with many layers of paper, just as you would in the traditional Pass the Parcel game.

In this variation you don’t usually add little party favors in between the layers, although, of course you can. These can be sweets or little gifts such as stickers related to your tea party theme. The most important thing is that each parcel has a prize at the end.

Pass the Parcel Game Forfeits

If you like you could have a forfeit attached to the last layer, so that the child has to “earn” the prize e.g. jump up and down three times and clap your hands. Vary any forfeits to suit the tea party theme. Forfeits do not have to be a negative thing. A possible fairy tea party theme forfeit would be to pretend to - “Wave your wand three times and sprinkle some fairy dust over the parcel”.

Pass the Parcel Game Forfeits - Variation

You can also have forfeits written on a piece of paper in between each layer or just some of the layers. The child who unwraps a layer with a forfeit has to perform the forfeit. These can be general e.g. sing a song, hop on one leg, give the parcel to someone wearing blue etc. They could also be tailored to suit your tea party theme. Some sensitivity is required with choosing forfeits, so as not to make any child feel ill at ease.

Pass the Parcel Double Trouble - The Game

Children sit in a circle. Give one parcel to a child. Give the other parcel to a child on the opposite side of the circle. As in the original game, children pass the parcel while the music plays. The two children with parcels when the music stops are out.

Continue with the music and this process, until there are only two children left, each with a parcel. They sit next to each other and pass the parcel between them while the music plays. When the music stops, they remove a further layer. At the last layer, they perform the forfeit attached to the outside (if applicable). They then open their parcel and keep the prize.

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