Noah’s Ark - Children’s Tea Party Poem

Noah’s Ark is a great children’s tea party theme. Use this Noah’s Ark poem with a church group or at home to spark ideas for role plays, games and crafts.

Noah’s Ark

The Noah’s Ark story and poem are great fun for counting activities. Imagine inviting all these animals to a children’s tea party. What fun… and chaos!

The animals came in two by two
Crocs and giraffes. What a hullabaloo

Next on board were a peackock pair
The most stunning birds of all those there

Roosters crowed a wake up song
Through the day and all night long

Two snakes slithered in their red and green
The most unusual snakes you’ve ever seen

Last animals on were a magnificent sight
Two zebras in black and white

Two of every animal on our Earth
Were on the Ark and had their berth

Forty days and forty nights
Floods and rain… no end in sight

A new green leaf in Noah’s hand
At last the dove had found dry land

All God’s creatures safe and sound
Two by two to safe ground

All the animals and Noah too
Thanking God for life anew

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