Mix and Match Teasets

It’s easy to set a stylish table with tea sets that aren’t all the same pattern.

As long as there is an element of commonality, it can be very effective. Mix and match tea sets make for great hunting in second hand stores, as the pressure is off everything having to match exactly.

You can decide if you want to collect authentic antique pieces, or just pieces that catch your eye.
Broken mix and match tea set pieces can be easily replaced. If you have extras, you can vary the table setting according to mood and the theme of your tea party.

Build your mix and match tea or coffee set and table settings around -

  • A piece given to you by someone you care about. This piece will always be the heart of your collection
  • A colour, pattern or style that fits in with your home decor
  • A piece that suits a particular celebration or season, whether by colour, pattern or memories
  • A collection of pieces that you collected on your travels or that have particular memories or stories to tell
  • Pieces on a common theme such as birds, animals or flowers etc.
  • All blue and white of any pattern or shades. Blue and white is perfect for mix and match table setttings.
  • Antique or special pieces you love. Don’t leave them in the cupboard as show pieces unless really valuable. Enjoy them!
  • A fun piece that brings out the quirky side of your free and easy self, when you’re cuttng loose and letting your hair down

Mix and Match Tea Sets - Colors and Patterns
If you are not confident with colors, just trust your sense of what is pleasing to the eye and what suits your table decor, house and style of entertaining. If you want to play around with, or check colors, look at a color wheel to learn about complementary colors, hues and contrasting colors. Magazines can often provide inspiration too.

Mix and Match Tea Sets - Fine China Tips
When you set the tea table with your mix and match fine china cups, tie all the colors together with a unifying theme. You can do this with white dishes and touches like flowers and silver. Alternatively, tea cups of complementary colors such as blues and purples, or a unifying element such as a range of floral pattterns, can also look great together.

As a general rule, fine china looks more like a “set” when partnered with other pieces of fine china, rather than mixing fine china and chunky tea cups. You can get away with a fine china mix and match tea set, and heavier serving dishes. Keep the things that are being presented as a “set”, with some element of commonality.

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