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Add sky torrents to your browser search bar ?

See the browser search bar, it already has a + or green light or some notification, clicking it will add sky torrents to your search bar.Now you can directly search from your browser.

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We are fully unicode capable, just type your query using your language and you will see results related to your query

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The query language is simple

  • Minimum search query is atleast 3 characters
  • Click "Order by Relevance" for exact results
  • Use + infront of a word to force it in results
  • Use - infront of a word to remove it from results
  • Use "word1 word2" to search for expressions

Fix faulty language translations

Language translation has been done by freely available tools and thus might not be perfect. Please send any corrections to the admin.

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Thanks, we are currently accepting donations.
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You are welcome to send mails to the admin. PGP keys and email address are mentioned in the about page.

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