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Welcome To Tea Party Diva

Welcome To Tea Party Diva

Welcome. Pull up a chair and join me in a cup of tea.
Tea Party Diva explores Tea Party Lifestyle & Traditions.
This may include recipes, craft, tea parties, entertaining, decor, invitations, cards, tea party themes, kids’ tea party poems and games. You might even find the occasional tea related poem, quote, art and travel tale. […]

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Dyeing Fabrics With Tea

Staining or dyeing fabrics using tea is a great way to give a fresh look to your table linen, quilts or second hand shop finds.

It can also give an antique effect. Dyeing paper with tea requires a slightly different process.
Basic Instructions

5-20 Tea Bags (depends on desired result)
1 tbspn white vinegar to set the dye
Large saucepan […]

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Cool Kids Tea Party Fun With Ice Cubes - A Tea Party Activity

As they say, even a kid could do it. Let the kids join in with preparing this. Lots of fun… and so so easy!

Make ice cubes from cordial or fruit punch - your flavor preference
Add a small grape or tiny fruit slice inside each ice cube […]

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Tea Cup Pot Plants - Shabby Chic

Choose The Teacup

Large? Small? Dainty? Vintage? Modern?
This is a great use for a teacup with a chipped rim, as the flowers will cover it

Choose the Flowers

Low and full growing rather than tall and spindly
Where will the teacup pot plant be placed?
Suitable for small container e.g African Violet
Would a green or variegated leaf plant be […]

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Christmas In July - Gingerbread Men Decorations

Christmas Gingerbread Men Decorations

Before cooking make a hole in the top of each Christmas gingerbread man.

Christmas Gingerbread Man

Buy From Art.com

When cooked, cooled and iced, thread red ribbon or gold thread through the hole to make the gingerbread man into a Christmas tree decoration.
Use other Christmas cutters or paper template shapes for e.g. Christmas Trees, Snowflakes, […]

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